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 Guild Events Explained

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PostSubject: Guild Events Explained   Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:48 pm

Events Held for Guildies;  

Hide n Seek (simple hide and seek game)

Battle of the Elites (LoE Alliance and LoE Horde battle each other) ,

Arena Titans (Duel to show who is the strongest in the guild),

For the Queen! (Teamwork game where teams of 4 people try to find the queen and take her to a destination without being seen by any of the other teams. when any of the other teams spot the person carrying the queen, they get stunned , the queen gets taken by that team and you are stunned for 10 seconds., it is all about scouting the area before moving the queen in sneaky mode) . Important Note ; Can not enter Final destination zone without Queen (to avoid campers at the destination)

Achievement Hunter! (an event where everyone teams up to get a certain difficult achievement in the game.all together)

Event rewards ;  Mounts , Achievements, Rare Drops, Game-Time Tokens, Collectables
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Guild Events Explained
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