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 progression raid group rules

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PostSubject: progression raid group rules   Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:28 am

this is the group for progression, i have received word that people want to run a serious raid instead of the casual like one we are doing now, i will state this before hand YOU MUST BE SERIOUS ABOUT JOINING. since this is serious you will need to follow these rules

1. show up
you must show up for each raid every week, fa lure to do so two times without a valid reason will result in your expulsion from the group and the finding of a replacement. if you give us warning of six hours or more you will only receive half s strike. so please let us know.

2. dps and heals quotas
you are expected to do fulfill your role adequately, this will mean you need to be able to deal a certain amount of dps ON AVERAGE, not burst dps but average, you may have 1mill dps but only have 300k outside of that it wont do i would more like to have a 800k burst and a 500k average.

dps will be decided per raid, and same with hps

3 learnig mechanics
simplest part, 2 minute videos, watch em, you need to learn mechanics, we cannot hold your hand on this, we will be busy trying to not die ourselves me and the other raid leaders will quiz you before hand on random mechanics from the raid, if you fail too many, you will be sat out.

4 alts.
alts are NOT ALLOWED, this is for your main toon. you will be stuck to your spec, you may change your spec after each week, but you will need to again meet previous conditions, you will need to let us know your intent to do so, so we can balance out class specs.

5 discord
quite easy and simple download discord, have some sort of listening device and listen, you dont need to talk just listen for calls and what to do.

as said these are ment for progression, we will aim for mythic rading, mythic raiding means no fuck ups, period. i will also add, if you have a gatherer profession please gether as much crafting reagents as possible. we have people to enchant gear and give gems, so if you cant make em, help supply em.

currently this is al will be updated later
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progression raid group rules
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