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 what awaits WoW players after legion?

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which option would you like to see?
1 expansion
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2 warcraft 4
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3 WoW 2
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PostSubject: what awaits WoW players after legion?   Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:51 pm

WARNING this is NOT confirmed to happen after legion or any time after these are all possibilities.

i was thinking of doing a future expansion possibilities post but i realized this ones needed first

at the moment there is what i call a hierarchy of enemies to fight that will lead to the biggest expansions, the first is legion, the burning crusade must come to an end this one or the next but we will be heading to the twisting nether to fight sargaras. after legion its the ones that have been manipulating the legion, the old gods. we have fought an old god before, yogg'saron in the ulduam raid but i dont think we actually killed it more like subdued it. why? i looked into it and when the titans (odyn, loken etc.) defeated one of the old gods in ancient times it also destroyed part of azeroth, fearing the destruction of azeroth they imprison them around azeroth, these old gods imprisoned on azeroth arent the only ones, there are others still in the galaxy. after that we have the void lords, little is known except that they are jealous of the titans and created the old gods to corupt and so on its confusing and takes a while to explain. they want to get a world soul, this is all tied together, burning crusade runs through and destroys planets, the old gods come see if it has a world soul. at the moment its possible that azeroth has one.

at the moment you may be saying oh you could've made a detailed explanation of that for expansions, unfortunately theirs a peice i need to tell you about, the black empire, this came from the corruption of the old gods. if the old gods are released one one of three things will which is hwat this is about

1. normal expansion
a normal expansion like the others but they would have to redesign azeroth to allow the old gods to use there black empire, or they could reveal we have yet to explore the rest of azeroth and there are other continents to be explored that will show up with the old gods. to add to this at the moment dmg is starting to become absurd. you start htting somewere around a million dmg. on my ilvl 845 demon hunter i can hit 2 million sometimes with one spell. blizzard is aware and they had to deal with this around pandaria and WoD. otherwise next one we'll be hitting for several millions easily.

2. Warcraft 4
the Warcraft games started WoW and all three have been called some of the best games of their time. we'll go in, fight against the black empire, develop the lore and then fix WoW with the changes but that deals with continuity problems for casual and new players, e.g. one patch you have grand stormwind staning proud next patch its destroyed and on fire, you're left going what? you are then forced to buy warcraft 4 if you want to know the story why things changed and probably wouldnt go down with some fans.

3. world of warcraft 2
this one is also unlikly. they just did a graphics update, people have put hours into the game and then this comes a long and wipes it off the map, of course they compensate people with like legacy bonus', starting with your appearance from WoW1. this could fix the ridiculous amounts of damage returning players to level 1 and this time they will be able to control the damage and stats. they can also completely remake azeroth to what they want. but a straight jump is not the best idea for new players becuase they miss out on the original content.

now 2 and 4 could come together for another which is an idea. which do you want more? also let me know if you want me to do a more detailed explanation on WoW after legion
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what awaits WoW players after legion?
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