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 UPDATED 18/04/2017 leveling path : alliance

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Level 1 Slime Monster

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PostSubject: UPDATED 18/04/2017 leveling path : alliance   Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:22 am

hey guys! this is a guide to were to go to level your character up quickly! UPDATE i changed this to alliance becuase after a certain level it doesnt matter and your operating out of stormwind.

this guide is will show you a quick path for were to go with character of each race. it will include were to go at what level and what to do, this will be sorted by
1. travel distance
it must be small, you want to travel to the closest area so you dont lose out on xp per hour
2. quest availability
how many quests and the type of rewards you can get, you dont want to run out of quests halfay through the area and have to find another

so first up humans! just a reminder this will be updated as i go along with my alts currently going witha  monk

quite simple, you stay in the starting area, you have no need to go to stormwind yet, although i would suggest setting your hearth stone there for later use. follow the quests then head to westfall just after

10 to 15 will be slow, follow the quests and try to stay close to the main area, i'm aware that there is a quest that takes you to the other side of westfall, do this if you like, but stay at the top and these quests. at level 15 you unlock dungeons, as said in my alt leveling do these at all times and quests, with this you should get to level 20 very quickly and not need to spend too much time in westfall.

time to head to duskwood, now this one will be quck, almost every level so far has unlocked a dungeon and will do so for a bit. while the area is only 20-25 you can stay. when i did this with my monk before i knew it i hit thirty.

30-40 currently doing will be put in soon!

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Level 1 Slime Monster
Level 1 Slime Monster

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PostSubject: Re: UPDATED 18/04/2017 leveling path : alliance   Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:42 pm

Awesome Guide!!
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UPDATED 18/04/2017 leveling path : alliance
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