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 A Guide for making Gold!

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PostSubject: A Guide for making Gold!   Sun Apr 16, 2017 4:25 pm

Hey there, JNutter again!

Today I'm going to give a guide on Making Gold. Now, this is in no way a Sure Way To Make It Big in The World of WoW!. This is just what I have seen, heard, read, and experienced in my short time in the World of WoW. Shall we start?   ᕕ(⌐■_■)ᕗ ♪♬

I have seen 3 "easy" ways to make Gold. Well, Technically 4 ways, but I'm going to include it in 2 of the ways I'm listing.

1: AH It
2: Dungeon Diving!!
3: Alt It Up
   4: Gathering Profession

Let us start with Number 1.


If you are new to the world of WoW, you probably have no idea what AH Means. Don't worry, neither did I. It stands for Auction House. It is where you auction off your items to the many millions of other players. (I'm just guessing at Millions. It might only be 999,999. lol!  

What sells? What Can't I Sell? Should I AH Everything?

This is one instance where number 3 and 4 come into play. When asking what does and what you can't sell, you really should be saying "What Doesn't Sell!" I'm being serious. Just about every item you can sell on AH. There are however a few exceptions. Soulbound Items. Bind When Picked Up Items. Some Quest Items. Other than that, you should be good to go!


Still here? Good. Im glad you didn't think that was the end of my guide. Here is the best answer for you. Materials. Seriously.These are the best things to sell on AH. I have made 100-175g per one Dark Iron Ingot. Which brings me to my next point.

Alts and Gathering Professions. There are certain items that sell amazingly well, and others that you're just wasting money on until that One person buys from you. And hey, that may be your cup o tea. For me personally, Equipment never sells well. But my Materals do. Which is why you should get a gathering profession. Now, if you have professions you can't do without, don't fret. Just Make An Alt. It doesn't have to be anything special, just something to tide you over.

My Main Character has the Professions of Mining and Jewel Crafting. My alt has the professions of Skinning and Herbalism. My other alt will have Leather Working and Tailoring. The reason I did this is to 1: Tie em all together, and 2: Make Money..

For my main, I use the mining to get ores (Duh), but i only use the ores that give me the JC gems I need. I smelt the rest and sell em on the AH. The bars of ore sell for about 50-75% more than just the raw ore. Take Dark Iron for example. People sell the ore itself for around 10-20g a piece. Or sell the Bar for 250g A piece. Yes, I know that is more than 50-75%. But i do things differently.

I Auction everything. I mean Auction. I do NOT set a buyout price. I also set my auctions to last 48hrs. That way, anyone who wants to bid Can bid. So I may sell my Dark Iron Ingot (bar) for 25g. Then come back two days later, and have the profit of 150g, per piece.

This is applied to all gathering professions. HOWEVER, what I have seen sell the best: Cloth and Herbs. Basically put, Tailoring/Leather working Supplies, and Alchemy Supplies. I can sell a stack (of 200) linen on the AH and get 30g. And since I only paid about 5s to list it, that's an amazing payout. I can sell 20 Silverleaf and make 50-100g.

I am just stating what I have seen.

Now then, number 2.  Dungeoning.

Dungeoning becomes Available at level 15. You should do them! For a few reasons. 1: The Money stacks up! Not only will you get EXP, but you get GOLD!! (or sometimes silver). 2: You get a loot bag. The loot bag is Suited to your current level group. (i.e. Whatever random Dungeon you are running.) These items are a piece of gear. Be it better or worse than hat you currently have on? I don't know. But if it sucks, then you can just sell it to a vendor.

You can sell items (souldbound and BWP[Bind when picked up], as well as some quest) to all vendors. This isn't like skyrim where you have to sell to a general goods store. (At least, not until you get the perk that allows you to sell in all stores. Then you get the perk that lets you sell your stolen goods!!!  Yes, I am the Dragon Born.  I am also the GM of the Thieves guild. So i steal and make money, what of it? If I'm saving all Y'all, then i should get repaid!)     <-- Sorry, Skyrim is my favorite Game of all time. Although, WoW comes in at a close second.

Another great thing about dungeons? If you have a gathering profession, you get items!! Mainly what I have seen is Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning.

I believe I have covered everything!  Now, I may be adding some pictures to this guide. I am not sure, but i really hope this helped!

Remember: Sell Materials, Auction with no buyout price, Alt with Gathering Professions. And if you don't like the AH Dungeoning!

Happy Easter Everyone. albino albino albino
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A Guide for making Gold!
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