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 a guide to leveling alts quickly!

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Level 1 Slime Monster
Level 1 Slime Monster

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PostSubject: a guide to leveling alts quickly!   Wed Apr 12, 2017 11:32 am

hi guys!

now, there a quite a few people in the guild who have alternate characters, you can ask us to add them if you want.
there may be a few who dont have an alternate character but want to, but they dont want to go through the long game play of it

here are some tip!

1 Heirlooms

you may have seen this tab in the collection window, these are extremely helpful to have when leveling up, if you have them you can gain around 50% extra exp from questing and killing monsters, they also level up with you so you dont need to constantly go foraging for better gear. these will cost a fair amount of gold to purchase being at least 500g each and thats only to get them to level 60. to get them to continue to lvl 100 it'll cost another 3000 gold each. so take some time on your main and plan out what class your going to play so you can get the right heirlooms. as an added bonus when you get 35 heirlooms you get an achievement and a mount that you can use pre lvl

2 experience gaining
now this is really simple questing and dungeons, focus on quests until level 15, as soon as you do its time to Que for dungeons, start with the lowest dungeon and work your way up doing the dungeon quests. at low levels (15-25 or so) no matter which role you go into it will be short wait time but after it will slow down for dps roles. so just quest while you wait.
if you run out of dungeons some people say to just quest until you hit your next lvl, this will be up to you, you can still do dungeons and get the gear, better gear = more damage = quicker clears but you dont have the quests. once you get to 100 and start legion i suggest as soon as you can que for random dungeons you do, you need the artifact power for your weapon, and its time to pick your spec

on your first alt you may not know the quickest leveling route or the smoothest but eventually you will find the balance as you get more classes completed.

good luck out there and feel free to post your leveling ideas!
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Level 1 Slime Monster
Level 1 Slime Monster

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PostSubject: Re: a guide to leveling alts quickly!   Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:43 pm

That's a great Guide! Really helpfull!!
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a guide to leveling alts quickly!
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