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 Introduction of Valvishalan

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PostSubject: Introduction of Valvishalan    Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:14 am

Hello all many of you may already know me, I've been in LoE for quite some time now, i am glad we all have a website and forums which i wasnt even aware,
and i was going to ask Hoshisai or any other upper echelon LoE member if we had any of that, i remember there was mention about a facebook group but never
got a chance to find it, because I've been a little distance/sidetracked. I'm very old school, many gaming clans I've been in we always had a community. I should be
getting on more usual than i am at the moment. Also I'm a 32-Year-old guy who's autodidact when it comes to computers, and building them over the years, born
and raised In Louisiana and still living here as of this day. Most of the time, i could be logged on any day, usually the times i could appear are random.
But usually (DST Central Time) 11PM | 2AM | 4AM | 5AM| around those times are the time's you could easily find me online. Very Happy
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Introduction of Valvishalan
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